July, 2014 – This article from Luxury Daily discusses how Jaeger-LeCoultre is reassuring its customers with a video showing the care and expertise with which their watch repairs are handled. (http://www.luxurydaily.com/jaeger-lecoultre-builds-trust-with-exploration-of-customer-service/)

By Jen King


Switzerland’s Jaeger-LeCoultre is fortifying relationships with consumers by promoting its high level of customer service when maintenance on a timepiece is needed.

Given the price of Jaeger-LeCoultre timepieces, it is essential that the watchmaker reassures the consumer that if repairs are needed, the watch is in good hands. Reliable customer service procedures also help the consumer justify the price spent on a luxury good, regardless of the sector.

“The care shown in registering, checking, and servicing the timepiece reinforces the perception of its uniqueness and value, as does the disassembly, which reveals all of the intricate parts and movements of the piece,” said Ron Kurtz president of the American Affluence Research Center, Atlanta.

“[Jaeger-LeCoultre’s] video does an excellent job of demonstrating the careful treatment given to the timepiece,” he said. “This should create a sense of trust between the brand and the consumer.”

Mr. Kurtz is not affiliated with Jaeger-LeCoultre, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Jaeger-LeCoultre was unable to respond directly before deadline.

Quality of service
To build awareness for its customer service procedures and the quality of care each watch receives, Jaeger-LeCoultre shared a social video on its Facebook account. With 425,823 followers, the most out of its social media accounts, Facebook was the ideal channel to share this information with established consumers.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s post explains that its watchmakers place themselves at the disposal of consumers along with a prompt to discover how this task is accomplished. The post links to the social video on YouTube, which is also embedded, and a brief article further explaining the need for regular maintenance.

The short blurb, housed on the brand’s Tumblr, begins by saying that a Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece operates for thousands of hours without stopping. Even though the brand’s watches are considered a high-precision instrument, regular service is necessary for it to continuously operate without issue.

Upkeep includes the replacement of worn components and changing oils and tightening loose elements such as the strap. The brand notes that service is dependent on model, usage and even climate.

Jaeger-LeCoultre’s nearly 3-minute video walks through the steps when a watch is submitted for care to give the consumer a sense of assurance.

First, when a watch is brought in for service, it is registered and the receipt is signed by the consumer. Next the watch undergoes preliminary diagnosis before the case and movement are completely dismantled.

After the watch is taken apart the components of the movement are cleaned while the case is polished and cleaned. Next the watch is reassembled with any worn components being replaced and the movement is lubricated.

Final steps include checking the watch’s function using a computer, fitting the hands, crystal and gaskets, casing up the movement, ensuring no water is trapped inside and checking the assembled timepiece’s function. Finally the operation and power reserve are tested and the strap refitted before the watch undergoes a final visual, functional and aesthetic inspection.

At your service
Customer service is an integral aspect of the luxury experience. Providing exceptional service, especially in the auto sector, is a must.

For example, U.S. automaker Tesla responded to growing popularity overseas with a European expansion plan.

Tesla planned to open 30 new stores and service centers in Europe, creating a marked difference in the brand’s presence in countries like Britain, Germany and France. Making itself more available to consumers likely helped the car company, since knowing a brand-operated service center is nearby may help car buyers make the commitment to what is a comparably young brand.

After a purchase is completed, affluent consumers expect the same level of service they received in-store if a problem with a product should arise.

“Affluent consumers who can afford a Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece expect and value all aspects of great customer service, especially after the purchase,” Mr. Kurtz said.

“Such consumers want to be reassured they made a good purchase decision and that they have obtained excellent quality and value,” he said.

“They prefer to go to the manufacturer for service, if possible, rather than the retailer to be confident that those working on the timepiece are fully knowledgeable about the product.”