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AARC conducts surveys among men and women in the wealthiest 10% of U.S. households to measure their levels of confidence in the economy and to obtain a preview of how their spending, saving, and investment patterns will change in the coming months. The survey report shows historical trend data and data by demographic segment within the overall affluent population.

Unlike other affluent and luxury market research that is based on online surveys of panels of people who are compensated for participating in regular and frequent surveys, AARC’s unique direct mail surveys are based on samples drawn at random to be representative of the precisely defined population of affluent households, consistent with the research of the Federal Reserve Board. Confident of their anonymity, the respondents to our surveys are typically more affluent and more open in providing confidential information.

These surveys focus on the future outlook and spending plans of the affluent, rather than asking the respondents to remember and reconstruct past spending, as do some surveys that attempt to extrapolate historic data. The AARC surveys are also different in that they do not attempt to estimate spending on “luxury” goods and services without defining “luxury”.

The surveys provide data on the anticipated purchases of new primary residences, vacation homes, cruises, boats, and motor vehicles. Also examined are expected changes in spending in 17 product and service categories. These include fine jewelry and watches, domestic and international travel, dining in casual and upscale restaurants, furniture, major appliances, entertainment equipment, home computer equipment, entertainment, recreational activities, collectibles, designer and non-designer apparel, and charitable and political contributions.

The surveys also track changing investment objectives as business conditions and the stock market rise and fall.

Each report also includes special topics unique to that report. These topics have included familiarity with the concepts and brands of private residence and destination clubs, vacation home ownership and usage, use of the internet for research and purchase of several specific products and services, charitable giving, brands that represent the highest quality, top retail stores, retail stores where recent purchases have been made, magazine readership, and how people learn about new products and services.

The 63-page/50-exhibit Fall 2015 Millionaire Monitor (Affluent Market Tracking Study #27) is available at a price of $495. With a 228-page set of 123 tables of cross-tabulated data, the price is $695. To order, click below and tell us which you would like to buy. Reports are delivered online, usually during the same business day. Please include the purchase price, your name, and the name and mailing address of your organization. AARC accepts checks and charge cards.

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