June, 2015 – This article from eMarketer provides great insight on the difficulty of going beyond simple mobile measurement to understand consumer behavior and to identify ROI.

The following text presents verbatim excerpts from the June 15 article. The full article may be viewed here.


“…client-side marketers polled in March 2015 by Econsultancy in association with Adobe still struggled with mobile measurement. Just 51% measured user engagement and return on investment from mobile efforts.”

“Tracking users and results across screens was an even bigger issue. Fewer than three in 10 marketers used cross-channel tracking or visitor stitching (identifying the same user across desktop/apps as a single user) for mobile marketing.”

“As a result, marketers were often stuck with a limited understanding of their mobile customers.”

“Other research points to similar issues with tracking customers across screens. In a March 2015 study by Signal, 51% of marketers worldwide reported that they did not have a single view of customers/prospects across devices and touchpoints. In comparison, just 6% said their current solution provided an adequate single view of their customers.”

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