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Reports currently available from AARC are as follows:

Fall 2015 Millionaire Monitor (Study of the Affluent Market–#27″)
Includes special topics that reveal how much was spent in total and by which consumer segments for 2014 December holiday gifts and how much will be spent in 2015 – including the value of gifts given in the form of gift cards, cash, and checks and to what extent gift card sales could be increased if a personal bonus reward was offered to gift card purchasers. The amount of online gift card purchases was also determined.

Another special topic in this survey explored awareness of, prior purchases from, and willingness to consider for a future purchase a list of 18 fine jewelry brands. Also learn interest in and opinions about owning a vacation home63 pages including 50 exhibits; October 15, 2015; $495. With a 228-page set of 123 tables of cross-tabulated data, $695.

“Fall 2014 Study of the Affluent Market–#26″
Includes special topics that reveal how much was spent in total and by which consumer segments for 2013 December holiday gifts and how much will be spent in 2014. 58 pages including 44 exhibits; October 15, 2014; $495. With a 109-page set of 65 tables of cross-tabulated data, $695.

Spring 2014 Study of the Affluent Market–#25″
Includes special topics that reveal how much was spent in total and by which consumer segments for 2013 December holiday gifts and how much was spent (by dollars and percentages) online, in stores, by phone, and other.  Also learn cruise experience and brand experience, familiarity, and perceptions including how many have taken ocean and/or river cruises in the past 10 years, which of 19 cruise brands they have experienced in the past 5 years, and with which cruise brands they are familiar and their perceptions of the brands. 52 pages including 41 exhibits; April 15, 2014; $495. With a 115-page set of 68 tables of cross-tabulated data, $695.  

“Fall 2013 Study of the Affluent Market–#24″
Includes special topics that  reveal what holiday gifts the affluent want to receive, what they plan to spend for gifts, and who will spend the most plus which of 17 luxury brands the affluent have owned/experienced in past 5 years and their impressions of each of the brands: (1)Which brands they consider to be overrated (2)Which consumers they believe each brand is appealing to (3)Which brands they think are right for them. The 17 brands include Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Coach, Burberry, Rolex, Breitling, Clinique, Lancome, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s, Four Seasons Hotels, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Lexus, and BMW74 pages including 76 exhibits; October 15, 2013; $495. With a 216-page set of 133 tables of cross-tabulated data, $695.

“Spring 2013 Study of the Affluent Market–#23″
Includes special topics that  reveal how many of the affluent  1) own a smart phone and/or tablet and which type (Apple, Android, etc.), 2) participate for any reason in social media and which ones (Facebook, LinkdedIn, etc.), 3) subscribe to receive messages from manufacturers or retailers via social media, 4) use each type of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to receive commercial messages, 5) went online to research and/or purchase a product or service during the past 12 months, and 6) researched and/or purchased online each of 18 listed products and services (non-business airline travel, lodging for non-business travel, home furniture, designer apparel, non-designer apparel, gourmet foods, cookware, new motor vehicles, books/movies/games, prescription medicines, other healthcare products, cruise/ocean travel, major home appliances, small home appliances, home computer equipment, home entertainment equipment, cameras/photographic equipment, and fine jewelry/watches). 71 pages including 58 exhibits; April 15, 2013; $495. With a full 199 page set of 100 tables of tabulated data, $695. 

“Fall 2012 Study of the Affluent Market–#22″
Includes special topics: identifies which of 42 retail chains and 5 online retailers are favored by the affluent, based on where they had made purchases during the prior 90 days; the top two holiday gifts on their wish list for Christmas or Hanukah; how much was spent for holiday gifts in 2011, and how much they will spend for holiday gifts in 2012; the presidential candidate they intend to vote for in November and the major issues influencing their selection of a candidate. 67 pages including 49 tables; October 12, 2012; $495. With a full set of 85 tables of cross-tabulated data, $695.

“Spring 2012 Study of the Affluent Market–#21″
Includes special topics: use of and satisfaction with financial advisors and planners; brand perceptions for the brand of the highest quality product or service; the best retail chain; the brand perception (highest quality, best value, and most prestige) of automobiles, watches, lady’s designer/couture apparel, and man’s designer suits/clothing; subscriptions to daily deal promotions; participation in each of 14 different types of customer loyalty programs; identification of the most important features of a loyalty program and the provider of the best program. 84 pages including 66 tables; April 23, 2012; $495.

“Fall 2011 Study of the Affluent Market–#20″
Includes special topics: the impact of recent stock market volatility on spending plans, the expected change in net worth over the next 12 months, the existence of “under water” mortgages for primary residences and the amount of equity in the home, and expectations of the length of time before unemployment and the stock market recover to pre-recession levels; expected spending for December holiday gifts, the primary places where they expect to spend for holiday gifts, and their gift wish list. 67 pages including 52 tables; October 17, 2011; $395.

“Spring 2011 Study of the Affluent Market–#19″
Includes special topics: the affect of discounts offered in recent years by prestige brands on their image and sales potential, and how discounts communicated via the internet or mobile devices only to past customers or “members” of “flash sale” sites affect their image and potential sales.

Also, which segments own mobile devices and which types, social media participation, the use of social media to receive regular communications from a manufacturer or retailer for product information, and which “flash sale” sites they are aware of, have visited in the past 90 days, and from which they have ever made a purchase.

Plus data on familiarity with the private residence and destination club concepts and current and potential ownership of various types of vacation home access, including whole ownership, time-shares, and private residence and destination clubs. 45 pages including 39 tables; April 15, 2011; $395.

“Fall 2010 Study of the Affluent Market–#18″
Includes special topics: expected spending for December holiday gifts, the primary places where they expect to spend for holiday gifts, and their gift wish list; also which segments are planning the major remodeling of their kitchen or master bathroom, how much they expect to spend for such remodeling projects, where they would make most of the necessary purchases, and the types of items to be purchased, e.g. counter tops, cabinets and vanities, floors, EnergyStar appliances, and water efficient toilets, heaters, and fixtures. 49 pages including 52 tables; October 15, 2010; $395.

“Spring 2010 Study of the Affluent Market–#17″
Includes special topics: which segments of the affluent were careful spenders and which were “free spenders” during the several years prior to the recession; who is burdened by pre-recession debt and spending, for what types of things they over spent, and what special steps they are now taking to reduce their debt; those who pursue a “green” lifestyle and those that follow a “low green lifestyle” with data about current ownership of seven green or eco friendly products and plans to purchase any of the products during the next five years and involvement in three types of green activities during the past five years and/or plans to do so in the next five years. 42 pages including 42 tables; April 15, 2010; $395.

The Affluent Market for Vacation Homes: Full and Fractional Ownership and Destination Club Memberships”
21 pages including 19 tables; April 21, 2009; $295 See Summary of Report

Luxury Defined: What the Affluent Will Spend for Luxury; Price Points and Brands for 37 Products and Services”
43 pages including 74 tables; November 2008; $595 (Includes a set of 302 pages of cross-tabulated data) See Summary of Report

The Affluent Market for Vacation Homes: Full and Fractional Ownership and Destination Club Memberships”
16 pages including 13 tables; April, 2007; $250

The Affluent Market for Christmas and Hanukah Holiday Gifts: Forecast of December Holiday Gift Expenditures and the Recipients, Types, and Retail Sources of Gifts”
20 pages including 20 tables; November, 2006; $200

Special Topics

Each survey has contained special questions exploring specific new topics in some detail. To determine if a topic of special interest to you has been explored in one of our prior surveys, please contact us.

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