Prices of Mailing Lists

“The list is the least expensive element of direct marketing to get right. It is also the most expensive to get wrong.”

LIST CHARGES: Cost Per Record

Records Ordered Schedule #1
Wealthiest 10%
And 5% Names
Schedule #2
Wealthiest 1%
And 1/2% Names
Under 2,000 38¢ 57¢
2,001-5,000 36¢ 54¢
5,001-10,000 33¢ 50¢
10,001-25,000 30¢ 45¢
25,001 or more 28¢ 42¢

Each list is developed on a custom basis combining such attributes as geographic area, gender, age, presence of children, various life style and recreation interests, and level of wealth.

Level of wealth can be defined in terms of income, net worth, or investable assets. Wealth criteria can be defined in absolute dollars (e.g. income of $200,000 or more) or as a percentile of the population (e.g. top 5% of households based on net worth).

The minimum order is $350, which can be paid by check or credit card. Full advance payment is required for orders of $1000 or less. A 50% deposit is required for larger orders. Names may be used an unlimited number of times for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

Lists developed to meet highly selective criteria may be subject to a surcharge.

Compare Price and Value

The initial price of our lists may appear high in comparison to the prices of typical list vendors, who usually limit the description of their lists of the affluent to such phrases as high net worth, high income, millionaires, etc. and/or that may suggest a zip code focus that is believed to be associated with certain psychographic and lifestyle attributes that are connected with wealth.

We are not aware of any other source that can provide the level of detail about the profile of their names as AARC does. AARC is uniquely able to do this because of the data derived from our tracking surveys of the affluent. This data allows us to continually confirm (and revise if necessary) the formulas we use to identify people at specific high levels of wealth and to track changes in their basic demographic attributes.

Our lists will ultimately prove to be a better value for 3 reasons:

  • First, we can accurately target the specific levels of wealth that are appropriate to the price points of your product.
  • Second, our data base is updated monthly, which results in less than a 1% rate of undeliverables in most cases.
  • Third, we can combine the targeted levels of wealth with other important attributes such as age, marital status, and lifestyle and recreational interests to increase effectiveness. These attributes/selectors and unlimited usage of the list for 12 months are both provided at no extra cost (unlike typical list vendors).

These 3 factors will result in an AARC list producing more wealth qualified leads per dollar invested.

Consider the true cost of a typical vendor’s list priced at 10c per name. If only half of the names are deliverable and meet your wealth requirements (and our research shows that is not unusual and could be worse for the higher levels of wealth) the list has an effective true cost of 20c per “good” name. If the wasted expense for postage and promotional materials is only 50c per piece mailed, the effective true cost of each “good” name rises 50c to a total of 70c per delivered wealth qualified name. That is 7 times the original cost.

There are many commercially available lists of individuals who supposedly have significant wealth as indicated by income, net worth, investments, purchases, etc. Because we test lists when conducting our own marketing research surveys (which achieve response rates of 15% or more), we know that many of these lists include high percentages of people who do not have the level of wealth promised. Fifty to sixty percent waste is not unusual!

Companies that use such lists for direct marketing are often unaware of their shortcomings. Low response rates (where a 1% rate may be considered good) do not provide an accurate picture of the quality of the overall list. Rarely will a direct marketer know if their mail is actually reaching the affluent audience for which it was intended.

The only lists AARC sells are those from a data base we continually test and validate through our own research. On average, 80% of the names we provide will meet or exceed the levels of wealth specified (and less than 1% will be undeliverable).

“The rule of thumb in the direct marketing industry is that 40% of a campaign’s success depends on choosing the right list.” This rule was originally formulated by Edward Mayer, a charter honoree of the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame.

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