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Prices of Mailing Lists

“The list is the least expensive element of direct marketing to get right. It is also the most expensive to get wrong.”

LIST CHARGES: Cost Per Record

Records Ordered Schedule #1
Wealthiest 10%
And 5% Names
Schedule #2
Wealthiest 1%
And 1/2% Names
Under 2,000 38¢ 57¢
2,001-5,000 36¢ 54¢
5,001-10,000 33¢ 50¢
10,001-25,000 30¢ 45¢
25,001 or more 28¢ 42¢

Each list is developed on a custom basis combining such attributes as geographic area, gender, age, presence of children, various life style and recreation interests, and level of wealth.

Level of wealth can be defined in terms of income, net worth, or investable assets. Wealth criteria can be defined in absolute dollars (e.g. income of $200,000 or more) or as a percentile of the population (e.g. top 5% of households based on net worth).

The minimum order is $350, which can be paid by check or credit card. Full advance payment is required for orders of $1,000 or less. A 50% deposit is required for larger orders. Names may be used an unlimited number of times for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

Lists developed to meet highly selective criteria may be subject to a surcharge.