Custom Mailing Lists

Typical list vendors usually limit the description of their lists of the affluent to such phrases as high net worth, high income, millionaires, etc. and/or  may suggest a zip code focus that is believed to be associated with certain psychographic and lifestyle attributes that are connected with wealth.

AARC Surveys Allow Us to be Different and Better

We are not aware of any other source that can provide the level of detail about the profile of their names as AARC does. AARC is uniquely able to do this because of the data derived from our surveys of the affluent. This data has allowed us to continually confirm (and revise if necessary) the formulas we use to identify people at specific high levels of wealth and to track changes in their basic demographic attributes.

On average, about 80% of the names in our lists will meet or exceed the level of wealth specified. For other vendors, 50% accuracy (or less for high levels of wealth) is typical.

Our lists will ultimately prove to be a better value for 3 reasons:

  • First, we can accurately target the specific levels of wealth that are appropriate to the price points of your product.
  • Second, our data base is updated monthly, which results in less than a 1% rate of undeliverables in most cases.
  • Third, we can combine the targeted levels of wealth with other important attributes such as age, marital status, and over 100 lifestyle and recreational interests to increase effectiveness. These attributes/selectors and unlimited usage of the list for 12 months are both provided at no extra cost (unlike typical list vendors).

These 3 factors will result in an AARC list producing more wealth qualified leads per dollar invested.

The rule of thumb in the Direct Marketing industry is that
40% of a campaign’s success depends on choosing the right list.
This rule was originally formulated by Edward Mayer, a charter
honoree of the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame.”