About AARC

The American Affluence Research Center is somewhat unique in that it focuses on the wealthiest 10% of U.S. households, based on net worth, rather than the more common criteria of income, which research shows to be a less stable indicator of wealth, and the ambiguous concept of the “luxury market.”

AARC is also unique in the following ways:

  • Our research methodology, which is limited to mail surveys sent to a project-able national sample, provides several advantages over other research among the affluent that is typically done through online panels of paid “volunteers.”
  • We are the only source of mailing lists that has used research surveys to profile the attributes of the data base from which names are drawn and to validate and refine formulas for identifying the affluent in a highly targeted and accurate manner that corresponds to data from the Federal Reserve Board.

“The size and profile of the affluent market are best defined by the research of the Federal Reserve Board (-Survey of Consumer Finances) and the Internal Revenue Service (Adjusted Gross Income per -Statistics of Income).”