November, 2013 – This article from Luxury Daily discusses how high-end smartphone manufacturer Vertu is increasing its product offerings to rejuvenate interest in its Signature series. (

By Jen King

High-end smartphone manufacturer Vertu is increasing its product offerings to rejuvenate interest in the Signature series that unifies the brand’s lifestyle services.

The Signature Clous de Paris Black features the newest technology in mobile communications and connects users to Vertu’s network of benefits and services. The addition to the Signature collection may pique the interest of enthusiasts but may not generate buzz among consumers unfamiliar with the brand.

“Additions to a product line can give past customers a new reason to buy and can provide features that attract first-time customers,” said Ron Kurtz, president of the American Affluence Research Center, Atlanta.

“Tweaking the look of a product is not as effective as adding new features and applications,” he said.

“However, even slight changes in the appearance of a product can be effective with the consumer who always has to have the newest or latest model of something.”

Mr. Kurtz is not affiliated with Vertu, but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Vertu was unable to comment before press deadline.

Sleek design
The newest Signature Clous de Paris smartphone comes in black stainless steel and features a clous de paris design on its metal casing. Using a texture commonly found on watches, Vertu may appeal to an untapped demographic of timepiece enthusiasts.

Part of a sub-series, the Clous de Paris Black joins two additional models in red gold and stainless steel.

Other Signature models come in various colors such as gold, mother of pearl and chocolate to appeal to a wider consumer audience.

The phone includes a black leather battery cover, black sapphire crystal keys, silver graphics and a high-resolution LCD display screen also made of sapphire crystal. The Signature’s sapphire screen takes more than two weeks to create and is almost impossible to scratch.

Also, the Signature includes Vertu’s patented keypad which contains 4.75 carats of solid ruby bearings. These bearings ensure that the keys will not wear.

Vertu’s Signature series of smartphones also includes dual sound ports and exclusive ringtones composed by Academy Award-winning composer Dario Marianelli and performed by the London Symphony.

To maintain Vertu’s status as a lifestyle smartphone manufacturer, the Signature Clous de Paris Black includes the brand’s Concierge, Life, and .Me services. The Vertu Life service keeps Vertu owners in the know by giving access to invite-only events and complimentary entry to the world’s best clubs and private shopping opportunities at the leading luxury fashion brands.

The phone can be purchased from Vertu boutiques for $14,780.

More than a phone
Vertu’s collection of high-end smartphones looks to forge lifestyle connections with its users rather than simply allow them to connect. The brand has accomplished this through its high-profile collaborations.

For example, Vertu continued its six-year partnership with Italian automaker Ferrari with the release of a limited-edition Android smartphone inspired by the automaker’s design features.

The limited-edition Vertu Ti Ferrari smartphone is the latest in Vertu’s smartphone collaboration with Ferrari. By designing the smartphone to resemble the vehicle, the phone will likely appeal to a wider group of consumers.

In addition to brand collaborations, Vertu has looked to artist partnerships to further resonate its lifestyle with consumers.

For instance, the brand is appealing to consumers with a penchant for craftsmanship through its latest advertising campaign for the brand’s new device, the $6,000 Vertu Constellation.

Set to be released in the United States Oct. 16, the images for the smartphone’s ads were photographed by British fashion photographer Kristian Schuller, who created fantastical imagery to accompany Vertu’s latest product. Collaborations with well-known artists generate interest among new consumers and can elevate the release of a new product line.

The Vertu smartphone has garnered itself as a status symbol among many affluent individuals.

“The primary target for this type of phone is probably the consumer who wants to make a statement about their wealth and those who want to stand out from the crowd who have phones that essentially provide the same basic functions but lack the style or cache of the Vertu phone,” Mr. Kurtz said.

“Some consumers will be attracted by the additional features and technology offered by the product,” he said.